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Commitment, Compassion & Camaraderie 

Join A Space Where Students Support & Empower One Another 


About Us 

At the Commitment, Compassion & Camaraderie Student Forum here at the University of Oregon, we are dedicated towards facilitating an environment of understanding and bond in order to combat the struggles that we Ducks face on a day-to-day basis. Everyday stressors such as exams and longer-lasting obstacles such as depression and anxiety are roadblocks that many Ducks can relate too. Here at the CCC, we seek to bring together all of the similar circumstances we fight against regarding mental health in order to promote a cohesive space where students support and empower one another. 



Happiness Blog, Resources & More

Happiness Blog

We want to ensure that students can receive insight and tips to all things related to mental health! Every two weeks, one of our wonderful bloggers will post a blog regarding tips to self-care and happiness! Make sure to check them out bi-weekly! 

On/Off Campus Resources 

At the CCC, we recognize that many students may be seeking support outside of the forum. So, we have listed the numbers to various on and off campus resources Ducks may utilize if in crisis. Just go at the top of this page, and you will find the Resources tab that will direct you to the support you deserve! 

Contact Us

Have a question, comment or concern? Feel free to contact us at and we will respond to your message within 24-hours of it being sent! You can send us a message right below this page or go to the top and find the Contact page! 

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